The garden theme is the basis of my work transforming the combination of natural chaos and order imposed on nature, and the effect of changing seasons when the cycle of creation and destruction are evident in plant life. 
My work for the past 30 years has been on one theme called “roots” which
is about the garden, plants, flowers, women, the physical work involved in
gardening and a combination of these.  In addition to being an oil painter,
I am a cement sculptor and the theme of the garden and the “root” series
translates well into this medium.
The idea that we are not separate from our environment, but become what we make it (to choose to control or not to),appeals to me on many different levels. 

My more recent work has moved into the realm of abstraction, combining a somewhat new palette with loosely formed  floral shapes and sharper contrasts of value and color.

​Alexandra Higgins


About the Artist