​Alexandra Higgins


 The “root series,”  both in oil painting and sculpture,  started  from the physical work  of  gardening.   I was working in the ground which was wet and I had been digging for hours.  My hands were tired, worn and calloused and looking at my hands, I realized I had become part of the garden.  My garden is my place of peace and I often to go it during intermittent sessions between painting and sculpture and take a break from my work.  It is its own form of work, but working in the garden brings me solace.   The idea that we are not separate from our  environment, but become what we make it (to choose to control or not to) appeals to me on many different levels.

My latest pieces involve landscape as well as very colorful abstract garden paintings.  I am constantly looking to ways to interject light, by framing deliberate contrast of primary colors that allow the color to "dance."  I want my pieces to feel as if  energy in both the sunlight as well as the colors are  moving and as the viewer, you get consciously "lost" in the piece. 

 "As the Garden Grows, so does the Gardener.” unknown author​

My work for the past 25 years has been on one theme called “roots” which is about the garden, plants, flowers, women, the physical work involved in gardening and a combination of these.  In addition to being an oil painter, I am a cement sculptor and the theme of the garden and  “root” series translates well into this medium.

About the Artist