​Alexandra Higgins

Af​ter receiving credits toward a Doctor of Arts at SUNY Albany in 1993, I taught for 3 years and continue private lessons to students.  I work mainly in oil paints and exterior cement sculptures.  I am a full ​-time oil painter, sculptor, interior designer and gallery owner of "Window to the Garden."  My current Gallery is located in a converted barn in my home in Mayfield, New York and I live there with my two children.  

​Recently, I have been working on a more contemporary approach and the idea of landscape painting and the garden.  It has been  a process of painting that is about subtraction as well as the addition of paint.  These “contemporary landscapes” are about a feeling of “getting lost” within the colors as well creating depth  from the subtraction of paint.  I have limited my palette to specific colors for my recent work, and I am constantly experimenting with how they work together in subject matter as well as the medium.  

The series called "roots" which was a topic covered for over 15 years of my  portfolio, depicts a woman, and a garden, and the physical manifestation of the two. While the woman is tending to the garden, she is becoming part of the landscape and the plants are manipulating their way into her being. The "root" series is quite extensive.  A large number of works have been sold to private collectors throughout the US and Canada. My work is mainly influenced by German Expressionists like Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Early Impressionism.